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As a proud member of the American Waterways Operators, Waterfront Services Co. believes that nothing is more important than Safety and we adhere to the principles of AWO’s Responsible Carrier Program.  Our team works diligently to prevent accidents, and our business is maintained in a way that makes it safe for our employees, our customers, and our environment.


We also comply with U.S. Coast Guard CFRs. 46 CFR Subchapter M (Sub-M) published in the Federal Register, which promotes a safety culture and requires that companies develop a Towing Safety Management System (TSMS).  Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau (TVIB) is our Third Party Organization (TPO) that audits our compliance with our TSMS.


Before the final rule of Sub-M we were prepared for the changes, which allowed us to seamlessly merge our current RCP compliant safety management system with the new regulatory requirements of Sub-M's TSMS requirements.


In recent years we have also added several new boats to our fleet of vessels.  All of those efforts ensure that our vessels are Sub-chapter M compliant-ready and our harbors meet MTSA security requirements.  We also have in-house certified auditors and surveyors that routinely verify our vessels and crews are operating safely.


William, Laborer

"Waterfront provides many opportunities to learn different trades from dispatching, decking, and welding. It's a place where safety is a priority for employees and customers." 

Jason, Mechanic

"This company is a great place to work and has a lot to offer. The management team cares for its employees and goes above and beyond for them. I have been with the company for 17yrs now and plan on staying until it's time to retire."

Keith, Coordinator

"In a job where safety is high priority and may determine whether you get home to your family safely... WFS goes above and beyond to insure that each employee is taught to be your brothers keeper and the safest way to navigate an already dangerous job."





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