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Through the Years

Our story starts in 1967 with a small family with a vision of serving and supporting the river transportation system. 

1970s - 1980s

Due to the location at the confluence of the two major waterways, Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, it made a conductive spot for fleeting and switching services which thrived though out the 1970s and 1980s.


WFS entered into a Master Agreement with Consolidated Grain & Barge Co. (“CGB”) which formed a joint venture between the companies under the name CGB Waterfront Services LLC.


Waterfront christens their newly built harbor tug, the M/V Miss Deborah


The Joint Venture christens the M/V Tom Torretti and M/V Rick Pemberton.  In December, the JV acquired their 3rd crane and barge.


The Joint Venture expanded their fleeting, switching, and turning operations to Cape Girardeau, Missouri through an acquisition.


Mr. William J. Wolter founded and incorporated Waterfront Services Co. in Cairo, IL in December of 1967.


Mr. Wolter and other family shareholders sold their shares (100% of the equity) to the company’s employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) at $55.20 per share.  Waterfront Services became 100% Employee Owned.


The Joint Venture purchased their 2nd dry-dock as their shipyard services and operations continued to grow.


Waterfront christens their newly built harbor tug, the M/V Sam P. Hise


The Joint Venture acquired a thunderbird excavator and barge as offloading operations continued to grow.

And the story continues today...

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